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Miracles of Healing in Argentina

We are continuing from yesterday’s meditation about what preceded revival in Argentina. After God healed President Peron's skin condition, the country was now ready for a massive revival. The Atlantic stadium was rented with a seating capacity of twenty-five thousand people. The crowds were small from the very first, but God began demonstrating His awesome power to heal and save. The good news began to spread as God manifested His mighty power. Larger and larger crowds began to appear to see God heal and save the spiritually hungry. Ushers were soon working twelve-hour shifts, and the bleachers were occupied hours before an event. So many people had to remain outside that speakers were strung up all around the stadium to allow them to listen, and so many came that the streets and sidewalks were filled for blocks around.

Thousands were healed and saved under the simple preaching and prayers of Tommy Hicks. He merely prayed from the platform and asked the people to raise their hands toward God. Thousands raised their hands and wept as God's power surged through the crowd, both inside and outside the stadium. Wheelchairs, crutches, canes, and braces were abandoned, and blind eyes saw as God moved in mighty revival power.

Soon, the enormous Hurracan stadium that would hold 180,000 people was rented. The crowds surged into that stadium and filled it to capacity too. God was moving, and His plan for Argentina was unfolding. The gospel was making an enormous and lasting impact on this nation of 20 million people. In the Hurracan stadium, night after night, the power and glory of God surged and flowed. Remarkable healings and salvation took place, too numerous to record. Crowds again were too large, and the streets around the stadium filled with people searching for the God who lives and acts today.

A little child of over three had been unable to walk without heavy steel braces. When Tommy and all the crowd prayed, the mother took off the braces, and the child ran up and down the aisle. The crowds began to weep and shout as faith arose with spontaneous miracles taking place. Some people brought a twenty-year-old man into the stadium on a stretcher who had never walked before. When the power of God flowed that night, he left the stretcher behind and ran home with the news. The next night he appeared at the stadium, having walked under his own power on legs healed by the power of Jesus. As the healings continued and the disabled and lame walked, the blind saw and the deaf heard, the newspapers and magazines of the land reported the massive miracles occurring in the crusade.

Accompanied by their doctor, the sister of the Vice President of Bolivia brought her children in hopes that the Lord would touch them. One of her boys was considered incurable and had suffered much. Both boys were healed at once, and when the doctor who attended them saw them both running as any healthy child, he ran up to Tommy and fell on his knees and embraced Pastor Hick’s legs. He looked up with tears falling down his cheeks and cried out, “Tell me about your God; I want this God! I want this Jesus! I can serve a God that will do this for little children!” Argentina rocked under the seismic impact of the Hicks healing crusade. The topic on every tongue was the crusade. When a critic would speak against the healing, ten people would stand up and talk of their healing or a relative's healing.

Oh, children of the Living God, can we impact our country like this!? We need to pray, pray, pray until the power of God comes upon our land again."[1]

These testimonies are part of a series called: On Fire with the Holy Spirit found on the All Studies page. The study is called: Revival Changes Nations.

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[1] Dr. Edward Miller. The Secrets of the Argentine Revival,


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