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The Book of Luke: A Walk Through the Life of Jesus

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Most people all over the world, acknowledge that Jesus was the greatest teacher who ever lived, but have you ever explored, in detail, what He actually taught? Join Bible teacher, Keith Thomas, as he walks you through the life of Jesus, explaining and studying God's word, verse by verse, in order to apply Jesus' teaching to your life. The words of Jesus are life-transforming and you will find that as you study Luke's Gospel in-depth, that the Holy Spirit will transform your life. The goal of this study is "to know Jesus Christ more clearly, to love Him more dearly and to follow Him more nearly" (Richard Chichester). Luke, a physician by trade, offers us a rich and detailed account of the ministry of the Son of God. It does not matter how long you have been a follower of Christ; you will fall in love with Him all over again!

The second coming of christ

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The purpose of doing this study is to focus on the coming of Christ, and to better prepare us for His coming. The early Christians in the first century would often talk of His coming and encourage one another by looking forward to the day when Christ would return. If that was so for centuries ago, how much more should we be anticipating His coming in the days in which we live? Now more than ever, it is important that we remember often to lift up our heads and say, “Come Lord Jesus!”

insights into eternity

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Have you ever wondered what happens to you when you die? When you are dead, are you really “dead?” What did Jesus mean when He said that Lazarus was asleep? Will we be unconscious when we die? Is there an intermediate place, a purgatory that I will go to if I am not quite good enough? What does the Bible say? What did Jesus teach about hell when He spoke of the experiences of a real person who was sent there? What will our new bodies be like when Jesus comes for us? What will the New Jerusalem be like, and how can I make sure I am going to be a part of it? What is the Bride of Christ, and how can I be sure I will go to heaven? If you would like answers to these questions and many more, this series is for you. This Bible study series is focused on exploring and explaining the Scriptures concerning what happens to believers and unbelievers after they leave this life.

the parables

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Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant in His parables? In The Parables of Jesus, British Pastor Keith Thomas teaches in-depth to explain some of the most important topics on spiritual growth that Jesus taught.

if god is for us

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Like soldiers walking into a minefield, there are some things in life that are unseen but deadly. Just because you may be unaware of something dangerous, it doesn’t mean it cannot affect you. There is an old saying “what you don’t know can’t hurt you.” Although it is true that knowledge can bring with it pain, it is much better to be forewarned about danger than to ignore it. In Keith's latest study, If God is For Us, he leads us through the Scriptures that help us see that God is for us, and what this means as far as our Christian faith and walk. We have no need to fear when we are assured that God will provide and protect us. Keith's study brings freedom so that Christians can focus on what God has placed them here for, instead of worrying about spiritual attacks. You will understand the enemy's schemes and learn to walk in your victory.

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