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We will all grow in our knowledge, insight and world experience as we journey through the land of the Bible. You will build friendships and memories to last a lifetime.


Itinerary subject to change while touring for the best interest of the group

Day 1: Departure from US (Tuesday, September 24)
Depart in the afternoon to fly through the night to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Day 2: Arrive Israel (Wednesday, September 25)
We arrive at Ben Gurion Airport where we will be met by our Israeli transport. We immediately travel northward to our hotel for one night in the coastal area at Netanya. The remainder of the day is free to walk along the Mediterranean coastline, relax, and have dinner. The time is right for a personal devotional with the sunset over the “Great Sea.” Enjoy a time of prayer of thanks for safety and the special blessings ahead, a prayer for the people of this land, and a good night’s rest.

Day 3: Caesarea, Mt. Carmel, Mt. Arbel (Thursday, September 26)

After breakfast, we travel by private motor coach along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to Caesarea, where Gentiles first heard the Good News from Peter and were baptized. We’ll see the Roman Amphitheatre and aqueduct, before journeying on to Mt. Carmel, where Elijah challenged King Ahab and the prophets of Baal. Next we travel to Mount Arbel, where there is a vista of the Sea of Galilee—a great place to spend some devotional time looking down on the Sea. It is believed it was on Mount Arbel that Jesus gave the Great Commission to His disciples (Matthew 28:16-20). We will have dinner and overnight lodging for the next three nights in the Tiberias area on the Sea of Galilee.


Day 4: Tel Dan, Caesarea Philippi, Gamla Fortress (Friday, September 27)
We visit the place where the tribe of Dan set up a false altar and a golden calf. We also visit Caesarea Philippi, the place where Jesus took His disciples and asked them, “Who do men say that I am?” (Mark 8:27). We also visit the Gamla Fortress. Gamla is often called the Masada of the north because of the Roman siege during the Jewish Revolts. Time permitting, we visit Kursi, the place where Jesus cast out the Legion demon (Mark 5:1-20).

Day 5: Capernaum, Beatitudes, Tabgha, Galilee Cruise (Saturday, September 28)
This morning we visit the synagogue in Capernaum, and have a devotional down by the beach where Jesus confronted Peter, bringing restoration to his soul and a commission to "feed my sheep." Next, we go to the Mount of Beatitudes and walk down the path along the side of the Church of Beatitudes. Following our visit, we have lunch before visiting Tabgha, the place of the feeding of five thousand, as well as a devotional down by the beach where Jesus confronted Peter after his three-time denial. We enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Sea of Galilee. Worship and a brief scripture reading and devotional on board brings to life the experiences of Jesus and the fishermen disciples concluding a wonderful day.

Day 6: Baptism, Jordan Valley, Gilgal Argaman, Dead Sea (Sunday, September 29)
Early morning baptism on the Jordan River at Yardenit. From there we go to the spring of Harod, the place where Gideon chose his 300 men to fight the Midianites. We will spend time by the edge of the water, considering the part that we also play in the army of God.  We then go on to the site of Gilgal Argaman, the place of the rolling away of Israel's reproach, also the place where the Captain of the Lord told Joshua to take off his shoes on the holy ground. Possible visit to Jericho to visit Elisha's Spring and the tree of Zacchaeus. We continue south to our lodging at Ein Bokek for a relaxing evening at the Dead Sea—the lowest place on earth. This is a spa hotel for those who would like a massage before a float on the Dead Sea before dinner.

Day 7: Masada, Ein Gedi, Model of Jerusalem (Monday, September 30)
This morning we visit Masada, the stronghold of King David, and the place that held out against the Romans after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. We then spend time at the springs of En Gedi and visit the caves where David hid from Saul. Afterwards we go up to Jerusalem, possibly viewing the city from the Haas Promenade, the view of Mount Moriah that Abraham would have seen when he came to offer Isaac. We also visit the Israel Museum and our guide will explain the terrain of Jerusalem in the time of Herod as we view a model of the city. In the evening, for those not too tired, we’ll take a walk down to the Western Wall.


Day 8: Southern Steps, Temple Mount, Western Wall, Jewish Quarter (Tuesday, October 1)

Watch the video production about Herod’s Temple at the Davidson Center, before taking time at the Southern Steps leading up to the Temple Mount, knowing that Jesus would have ascended to the Temple on these steps. From there we go up to the Temple Mount before going to the Western Wall Plaza for a time of prayer at the wall. We will have lunch in the Jewish Quarter and walk along the Cardo and shop for souvenirs.


Day 9: Upper Room, City of David, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Abraham’s Tent (Wednesday, October 2)
This morning we visit the Upper Room, the place believed to be where the disciples ate the Last Supper, and also the place where the Holy Spirit came. From there we go to the church of St Peter in Gallicantu, the church believed to be built over the ruins of the High Priest’s palace, the place where Peter three times denied the Lord, and where Jesus was held before trial. Afterwards, we enjoy a camel ride and travel down to "Abraham's Tent" where we will enjoy a wonderful meal together prepared in a traditional style.  We then return to the City of David and go down to the Gihon Spring and walk through Hezekiah's Tunnel to the Pool of Siloam.


Day 10: Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Via Dolorosa, Holy Sepulcher & Garden Tomb (Thursday, October 3)
We check out of our hotel this morning and visit the top of the Mount of Olives and view the Temple Mount and the city of Jerusalem below. Walk down the Mount of Olives as Jesus did He when they welcomed Him into the city, laying palm fronds down before him as He entered Jerusalem on a donkey. We visit the Garden of Gethsemane, taking time to pray and meditate on Jesus' last hours in the garden before He was arrested. From there we will walk up through Lion Gate, otherwise known as St. Stephens Gate, the place where he was martyred, to visit the Pool of Bethesda. It was here that the paralyzed man was healed by Jesus in John 5. Afterwards we will worship for a short while in St. Anne's church where we can enjoy the incredible acoustics while singing with others from all around the world. We will then walk the Via Dolorosa, the Way of Suffering, to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Lunch and shopping in the Arab Bazaars. From there we will walk to the Garden Tomb for Communion, worship and prayer as we visit the empty tomb of Jesus. Dinner before flight at the Messianic Kibbutz, known at Yad HaShomona. In the evening, we say our "goodbyes" as we head down to the Tel Aviv Airport to catch our flight home.


Day 11: Arrive back at New York (Friday morning, October 4)

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